Shreekant Pai Bir, Sachin Pai Bir, Vishwanath Pai Bir, Owners of Copperleaf with the Winners and Copperleaf Team

COPPERLEAF, Goa’s Favourite Restaurant, organized Gift Vouchers distribution ceremony for the “COLLECT & WIN” contest. A total of 419 families participated in the contest and 8 families completed the contest successfully. The “COLLECT & WIN” was an exclusive contest for kids below 12 years. The program was launched on 1st November and got completed on 20th December. For every visit, the kids were collecting magnets of each alphabet forming the word “COPPERLEAF”. The contest was to collect all ten letters in a series before 20th December.

The Winners of the “COLLECT & WIN” contest were Vallen A. Azavedo, Kayden Lanz Lobo, Aarush Mohit Kenny, Yuvaan Siddesh Gaonkar, Yuti Sanvordekar, Davis Lijo Daniel, Junia Sara Varghese, and Girish Arun Chodankar. Each of the kids were presented with a memento cheque, gift vouchers worth Rs. 5000/-, and brand ambassador kit. The prize distribution was done in the presence of Copperleaf owners Mr. Shreekant Pai Bir, Mr. Sachin Pai Bir, and Mr. Vishwanath Pai Bir.

Shreekant Pai Bir, Chairman of Vishwamukta Group which owns & operates the brand “COPPERLEAF” addressed the guests by congratulating the little ones and their families. He also thanked them for showing their patronage and loyalty towards the brand. He also mentioned various ongoing discounts such as Armed Forces and Corporate programs running at Copperleaf along with the CSR activities.

Sachin Pai Bir, CEO of Vishwamukta Group thanked all the winners and the team for motivating patrons to participate and complete the contest. Vishwanath Pai Bir, COO of Vishwamukta Group informed everyone that more and more such offers will be coming for the year 2023 and they would be available for everyone. “On public demand, we are getting back HAPPY HOUR in which customers would get 50% discount on all food and beverages between 7-8 PM and this time it would be at both the locations.” he said.

Ms. Clarissa Gonsalves, Hostess, did the compèring for the event and Mr. Vinu George, Restaurant Manager at Panaji outlet gave the vote of thanks.

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