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Job Title: Steward

Department: Service

Reports to: Restaurant Manager/Assistant Restaurant Manager/Head Steward

Job Summary:

Steward is responsible to provide quick and personalized food and beverage service to guests at allotted tables as per standards of service laid down and to satisfy every guest with care.

Duties and responsibilities:

  1. Attend briefings prior to restaurant opening, well-groomed and equipped with basic aids of operations such as bottle openers, pens, and pads.
  2. Learn the menu items, not available items, menu preparations and their presentation.
  3. Complete mis-en-scene and mis-en-place before the restaurant opens.
  4. Clean and polish allotted silverware, cutlery, glassware, and chinaware.
  5. Prepare the side tables with appropriate items required to manage a session.
  6. Lay table setups as per standards set.
  7. Fold napkins as per prescribed attractive style with a metal leaf ring.
  8. Ensure fresh linen is procured every day from the housekeeping.
  9. Ensure A/C is turned on with proper temperature settings.
  10. Receive, greet, seat guests.
  11. Present beverage menu and food menu and take correct orders.
  12. Serve food and beverage by the standards of the restaurant.
  13. Up-sell food and beverage, when appropriate. Do not force the customer into buying.
  14. Present the bills and receive payment correctly.


                Assistant Stewards and trainees in his/her charge.

Coordinates with:

  1. Kitchen – for timely supply of guest food ordered.
  2. Bar – for the supply of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.
  3. Housekeeping – for the cleanliness of the station, linen, and other customer seating areas.
  4. Engineering – for the maintenance of service equipment and furniture.
  5. Kitchen Stewarding – for the supply of clean service ware.


  1. 3 years of experience working in a restaurant industry. Certificate course in Hotel or Restaurant service is a plus.
  2. Thorough knowledge of food and beverage service.
  3. Adequate knowledge of food preparation and presentation, especially of items on the menu.
  4. Socially confident.
  5. Proficiency in English and Hindi. Knowledge of Konkani and Marathi is a plus.
  6. A team person as well as individual contributor.
  7. Physically sturdy to carry heavy loads and be on the feet for long hours.
  8. Personable and well-groomed.
  9. Etiquettes and manners with humble and positive will-do attitude.

Salary: ₹12,000.00 – ₹14,000.00 per month

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