Tickle your taste buds as you celebrate life’s special moments at Copperleaf where you can experience Goa like never before. If you like dining out, you will love this place for sure.

Copperleaf – Panaji is a testament to the beauty of tropical living. This massive fine-dine restaurant spread over 10000 sq ft., offers a unique blend of luxury and comfort in the form of exquisite food choices and a soothing ambiance with world-class amenities which include Splendid International Standard Washrooms,  Wheelchair Accessible Entrance & Washrooms with Grab Bars as well as a Baby Diaper/Nappy Changing Station. 

Located on the outskirts of Panaji, this is a place that matches your style in every way imaginable. It opened its gates to its customers in October 2021 with 200+ seater Citrus and Cilantro Sections, where you can enjoy an elaborate a la carte menu offering up to 4 different cuisines in one place. 

Recently Copperleaf Panaji opened the first-floor dining area for their customers. The minimal aesthetics of the interiors are accentuated with pops of color and some hand-made pieces, reminiscent of their brand’s heritage. The new floor itself is divided into distinct spaces, each with a unique characteristic of its own. The entry to the Infinity area is through Citrus – There’s thought put into the staircase decor as well – amply lit, with green landscapes and metal collectibles.

Infinity on the first floor can accommodate up to 80 people. Solitaire – Signature Private Dining for 8 people, gives you a royal feeling with its high paneled walls, copper and gold adorned decor, a beautiful glass chandelier, royal blue cushioned chairs, and added complimentary benefits. Semi-private dining 10@Infinity complete with blush pink chairs and copper adorned white marble table with a modern approach to a metal chandelier is available for 10 people with closed doors separating you from the rest. Bellini Seating Bar provides a completely new outlook for the bar culture in Infinity as it provides classic beverages with innovation for a seating experience like no other.

Copperleaf aims to honor its past and usher in the next chapter with the very best offerings of food and ambiance with every intention of creating a space for joyful gatherings. The Doors are already open and will be open seven days for lunch and dinner. For regular updates follow @copperleafgoa on Instagram or see news.