Our Restaurants



Our stewards are well-trained to understand your requirements and will serve you as per your needs. 


Relish the famous Copperleaf Fish Thali and enjoy traditional Goan food. 


The most exquisite place for tasty food, excellent service, aromatic ambience, and soothing atmosphere. 


Our Mission

We aim to become the most popular food brand in the nation by providing a customer-centric approach, offering quality, tasty, and hygienic food, and creating a memorable dining experience for all food lovers. 


Executive Team

Copperleaf, units of Vishwamukta Group, is guided by Mr. Shreekant V. Pai Bir and led by Mr. Sachin S. Pai Bir & Mr. Vishwanath S. Pai Bir.

We are a team of more than 200+ people in Goa working with a common ideology. We are led by one of Goa’s restaurant industry pioneer CEO & mission driven COO who is supported by a talented and experienced operations team working tirelessly to transform the Hospitality Industry.

Shreekant V. Pai Bir


A retired SBI banker, has been in the hospitality business in the initial years but he found his connect with the restaurant industry and has been in this sector for the last 20+ years. He is the father and mainly a guide to Sachin Pai Bir & Vishwanath Pai Bir. He is an alumnus of Bombay University.

Sachin S. Pai Bir


Copperleaf is the brainchild of Sachin S. Pai Bir, who despite graduating as a Master of Engineering (ME) found his true calling in the Restaurant & Hotel industry and is passionately involved in it for the last 20+ years. He is the pioneer in setting trends in the restaurant industry & tirelessly transforming the Hospitality Industry. He is an alumnus of Goa College of Engineering (GEC) affiliated to Goa University. 

Vishwanath S. Pai Bir


Vishwanath is an engineer by profession with a Master of Science in IT Project Management from the United States. He has a wealth of experience in the IT industry, from startups to large corporations. Vishwanath was indirectly involved in the business since its inception, but after 11 years in the US, he decided to leave his six-figure IT job to focus on the business full-time. He is an alumnus of Goa College of Engineering (GEC), which is affiliated with Goa University. 


Come and Discover

Copperleaf Fine Dining Restaurant with Bar is committed to celebrating the abundance of flavors as family and friends gather to enjoy a great meal together. We promise to tantalize your taste buds with our delicious food and create a feast for your eyes and senses.

Our stewards are trained to guide you through our vegetarian and non-vegetarian options, as well as the various levels of spices. Our kitchens blend rich culinary instincts seamlessly to dish out a one-of-a-kind dining experience for you, every time!

The team at Copperleaf gives it their best to serve perfection at your table every time your order comes in. So that each of our preparations becomes an experience for you to cherish.

Come and enjoy the ultimate dining experience like no other at Goa's favorite restaurant!